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Environment, Green Tech, and Sustainability Internships in New Zealand and Spain Info Session - Shared screen with speaker view
Melissa Bender
Hi everyone. I’ve lost my voice so I can’t talk today, but I’m happy to answer your questions about the course in the chat.
Melissa Bender
As Glynis mentioned, I’m a faculty member in the University Writing Program. I teach a wide range of upper-division writing courses that are aimed at students who are nearing their graduation date and need to practice the kinds of writing that they’ll do in their future careers. One of the courses that I teach is Environmental Writing (UWP 102G). So I’m quite accustomed to working with students like you who are thinking about how to prepare for careers that have an environmental focus. An internship is a great choice!As the instructor of UWP 198 for this internship program, I view my role as a facilitator who helps you make the most of your internship. Our brief writing assignments will help you reflect on the work you’re doing and prepare to represent that work in future job search scenarios. Having a global internship on your resume will certainly make you stand out, but to get the most out of the internship, you need to be able to communicate effectively about what you learned through that experience. I’m here to help you do that.
Melissa Bender
Sorry, sent that too soon!
Melissa Bender
Abraham Maldonado
Will the rooms be shared swell or is it single occupation?
Glynis Kincaid
Additional New Zealand sample placements: https://ucdavis.app.box.com/file/1079529329868?s=famcsr3lilmuwv1rksl49siz84wfw11l
Henry Reich
When does the advising session for internship placement happen for Spain?
Veronika Pesina
For all programs, it happens right after you complete uploading your application materials. We will send you an email with a booking link.
Glynis Kincaid
Additional Spain sample placements: https://ucdavis.app.box.com/file/1079523542612?s=8fl8vud4ts55g5nx5mp7hi70gi309wyp
Danielle Sonobe
what if youre not a UC Davis student?
Glynis Kincaid
You enroll online via your UC Davis Study Abroad Account. Available to UC Davis and UC students. Link: https://globallearning.ucdavis.edu/pathways/academics/login
Natalie Martinez
If you are not a UC Davis student, what is the process to get financial aid for the program ?
Henry Reich
Could you share these info presentation slides with us?
Alyssa Morehead
Is there a fee if you end up dropping the program after submitting your application?
Danielle Sonobe
is this program eligible if youre graduating spring 2023?
Conner Copenhagen
for non davis uc students, do we need to do anything to get the class units to transfer over?
Glynis Kincaid
Melissa Bender
I’m really looking forward to working with you during your internships in Spain or New Zealand. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about the course. mmbender@ucdavis.edu
Danielle Sonobe
is that process the same across all UC’s or would I have to talk to my abroad department
Melissa Bender