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Queen of Snails: A Graphic Memoir about War, Violence, and Transgenerational Trauma - Maureen Burdock in Conversation with Elisabeth Krimmer - Shared screen with speaker view
Carole McKee Armen
awesome! I have Menopause (the book and the thingy, too LOL)
Donna Druchunas
I don't have that book on Menopause yet, but it's ordered
Carole McKee Armen
my little snail queen!!!!!
susanne baackmann
I am thinking of yet another image that came to mind as you were speaking: Verwicklungen and das verwickelte Subjekt, the implicated subject, being involved in history in a layered and sometimes hidden way that places us in structures we have not necessarily created but are nonetheless caught in.
Lynn Wolff
This is so beautiful, Maureen! Can you speak to the bird at the end of the prologue? It's a swallow, or? And don't swallows often return home? So there's both liberation and promise of return, or perhaps flight to a new home?
Carole McKee Armen
Please- can the screen share be enlarged?
Carole McKee Armen
yes thank you!
Carole McKee Armen
Caren Kaplan
I am viewing on a desktop and it is very clear and easy to see
Susan Squier
A question for Maureen: Could you say a little more about why you don’t use the word “closure” any more? I’m wondering what underlies your view?
Twyla Dawn Weixl
I am sorry I must go, too tired, but it was wonderful to get a glimpse into your work. Thank you!
Donna Druchunas
wow that is gorgeous
Susan Squier
This discussion of the harmful nature of the ‘bird’s-eye view” is great: it reminds me of the distinction Bruno Latour makes in his later work between a “terrestrial” view of the globe and the understanding of Gaia / earth as something we are all INSIDE of. Seems to me that Maureen’s Queen of Snails really does have a Gaian view of earth and all her creatures.
Carole McKee Armen
exhilarating and enthralling words and pictures, Maureen. can’t wait for my copy to arrive! Burdens/Birdens
Bettina Egger
I'm sorry, I have to leave - thanks for the fascinating insights, Maureen!
Laura Kahn
Interesting that pigs are thought of in a negative fashion and are often used as taunts and slurs. They are highly intelligent creatures. Says more about humans than about pigs.
susanne baackmann
Maureen, your work is amazing and connects to a body of work of other German women grappling with how they are implicated in a his/story at large that embraces them with exculpatory silences. I am struck by the fact that the seemingly clear “boundaries” of a memoire have recently become expansive in so many ways. I have just taught Nora Krug’s “Heimat. Ein deutsches Familienalbum” (other graphic novel) and written a book on recollections of Nazi Germany from the perspective of a child. It seems that for our generation implication in a much larger transnational history of perpetration and domination. The question seems to have become how we carry wounds inflicted to us in indirect ways into the present and beyond. Sorry, less a question than a comment.
stef lenk
Maureen! Forgive me if this was already mentioned, i had the wrong start time for the event obviously. Anyhow, I think we talked about this while you were writing the book but I don’t remember, did you have the chance to show the work to your mother and other living relatives and if so what was her reaction to it, and also, are you familiar with Sabine Bode’s ‘Die Vergessene Generation’ and “Kriegsenkel”, which talk about the experience of children of WWII Germans?
Caren Kaplan
Thank you, everyone! What an interesting discussion of a magnificent book. Much appreciated! I need to sign off now but I am sending warmest and best wishes.
Elizabeth Mittman
Thanks so much for the introduction to a beautiful and evocative book!
Kendra Boileau
Maureen, do you think there is something about the graphic medium (rather than prose) that made the work of revealing such vulnerabilities somehow manageable and bearable for you emotionally—or did it make it more difficult?
susanne baackmann
Thanks Elizabeth and Sven-Eric for organizing this. And of course: lots of thanks to Maureen.
Mary Alice Ledoux
It’s been a treat to hear you speak and gain so much more context ahead of receiving my copy of the book. Your work is beautiful, and your story is so important and inspiring. I’ve struggled with telling my stories and I really appreciate your work. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your process with us.
Susan Squier
This has been such a rich discussion. Thank you all so much, and thank you Maureen for creating this fabulous book.
Maceo Montoya
Congrats, Maureen!!!!
Kendra Boileau
Thanks all! Lovely discussion!
Laura Kahn
Maureen, Congratulations! You have created a masterful work!