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Nancy Qian Virtual Economic History Seminar Series - Shared screen with speaker view
Claudia Rei
Seminar rules- in agreement with the speaker and discussant this meeting is being recorded- the speaker will talk for 45 mins, the discussant will comment on the paper for about 5 minutes, and there will be 10 mins for Q&A at the end- please type clarifying questions in the chat box preceded by the word CLARIFYING. All other questions will be in the queue for the Q&A at the end, you'll be prompted by the organizer to unmute yourself and ask your question
Ariel Karlinsky
CLARIFYING: More as share of eligible population? or in absloute numbers?
Bill Collins
As share, I’m fairly sure. Not absolute.
Claudia Rei
Yes I believe so too
Claudia Rei
And we now know it’s share for sure :-)
Ariel Karlinsky
Claudia Rei
Nancy has about 5 minutes left. Please let me know if you have any questions so I add you to the queue.
Guohui Jiang
Clarification: was the draft done every week? I learnt somewhere the draft quota was assigned monthly
Claudia Rei
Thank you Guohui, it’s the last 5 minutes so I will Nancy finish and will add you to the queue
Ariel Karlinsky
A discussion question about capacity: This assumes that more enlisted men is better, but if there's a large share of enlisted white men who are racist and will not serve, or will not serve as well if the army also has black men - this acts as a weight against the efficiency of enlisting more men.
Guohui Jiang
Ok thanks
Claudia Rei
Thanks Ariel, you are 3rd in the queue